March 25, 2012

1. Independent record labels changed the world.

2. Sickness Benefits.

3. The rise of The Streets (Mike Skinner)

4. Singing is Medicine

5.Dennis Morris (photographer) on how Black British Life was.

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March 27, 2012

Second set of G2 covers.

1. 60p for The Queens Head (Stamp prices rise to an all time high)

2. Children in Care unprepared for Adulthood.

3. Cancer’s Not Pink (Women fed up of the feminine ‘fluffy’ tarnish on Breast cancer)

4. Racist ‘Tweeting’

5. Madonna becoming a destructive role model (videos being banned, album name is clear drug reference etc.)

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April 1, 2012


5 more covers, all ‘interactive’ i.e could be used for G2’s electronic devices, tablets/i phones/laptops.

1. Gossip (The destructive nature that is drummed into us from all angles) 

2. The Fuel Crisis - Drowning in petroleum.

3. Street Gangs - “The Beef will never stop.”

4. Racist Policemen (The teen who recording the policeman calling him racial slurs)

5. How unjustified apologies are given to those children who were abused in care.

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April 5, 2012


A series for what could be part of ‘collectors editions’ of the G2 magazine.

Based on a quote heard from a street gang documentary and connected with the Riots and society at the moment, put in the ‘real world’ as advertisements around LDN.

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April 7, 2012


Another 5 covers for my G2 Project.

1. Open Relationships are still around, are they ok?

2. How rapists can get disgustingly short sentences.

3. The constant rail problems and issues we have in this country.

4. Assisted suicide and the struggle that comes with it.

5. A gif version of number 4.

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April 17, 2012

Final set of G2 covers… until the next brief for the project.

1. Arson in London Riots (They want to burn it all)

2. Americans devotion to Guns.

3. The Illicit art of Urban Exploration.

4. Women firefighters want respect and acknowledgement.

5. People of transgender now allowed to enter Miss Universe.

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May 1, 2012